Zune Player – why I’ll never buy another

When the Zune 120’s came out, I bought one. After a few months, I began to get the dreaded error 5 contact support message. I read every forum post and KB article I could find to resolve the issue. Do the yoga dance with your fingers and press this button and that button, reinstall this, reinstall that, …. yadda yadda yadda.

Finally, I was able to call support. The service.zune.net URL never did recognize my serial number, so that site wasn’t useful even AFTER calling support until they made several changes behind the scene. Went through all the standard help-desk stuff. Might as well give up if you have any technical experience. Just play dumb, humor the poor folks and go through the baby steps even though you’ve already done all that.

In the end, it was still under warranty and I had to send it back. Fine, 4-5 months left. They call back, they have to replace it with another, but it can’t be a new one, it has to be a rebuilt one. Oh joy.

So, the old one works for about 6 months and same old song and dance all over again. Except, this time, it’s out of warranty. Oh goodie! Well, that was wasted money and time.

I love the Zune software. I like it a lot better than Apple’s iTunes. I also like, and thoroughly enjoy the Zune subscription service. It’s wonderful. I’ll continue to subscribe. But, the Zune player, I’d much rather drive over it with a bulldozer a few hundred times than to ever own one again.