Linux – Your child will surprise you!

Like many IT folks with children, I grew tired of re-building a computer I had for my daughter every time Windows XP or Windows 7 threw its back out.  About a year ago, I put Linux Mint 11 on my daughter’s computer.  Actually, dual boot with Windows 7.  She started to like it quite a bit.  She has done all of her homework on it and has adapted quite well.  As the months went by, she became more and more independent with her “assistance needs” using Linux.

My daughter is 12.  Since she has been using Linux, she’s never had to reboot due to memory issues, she’s never had any issues with any apps, she’s been able to use LibreOffice for all of her homework, and she’s adapted well to using Linux as opposed to Windows.

Yesterday, I burned a live DVD yesterday of Linux Mint 12 and Solus OS RC3.  After my daughter finished her homework, she revved up both and was quite delighted.  I told her to spend a week evaluating each and let me know which one she wanted installed.  Now, I normally don’t like to install/use an RC of anything.  But, Solus OS is looking quite attractive and it’s a true Debian distro.

So, we’ll see how it goes and what she chooses.

A couple of posts worth noting

There have been three recent posts of interest which I believe are worth mentioning. Well, one is relatively recent and the other is within the last 6 months or so.

On March 19th, there was an excellent post about scheduling background jobs in on the Windows PowerShell blog. It is well worth the read. This is something I will start playing with at home.

And, finally, here is another great place to do some learning. Fire up that Virtual Box and take a small Exchange 2010 boot camp. There is no cost to this and no excuse not to expose yourself to Exchange 2010 if you are unfamiliar with it.